Search & Recruitment Solutions

Executive Search

Cornerstone International Group is dedicated to providing service beyond the traditional executive search and evaluation process. We have pioneered a “real-time feedback” system for continuous improvement in the quality and user-friendliness of our service. We hand pick each of our search professionals on the basis of recommendations from a Selection Committees and Senior Executives.

Our hand-picked consultants follow a rigorous process that has been established through an exchange of best practices over 25 years, yet is flexible enough to accommodate the unique needs of the client brief. Our search process is reinforced by a portfolio of very powerful, tightly targeted programs”

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Global Recruitment

Human Impact is active all over the globe and has already recruited hundreds of professional services engineers, managers, technicians and other employees in Eastern & Western Europe, North & South America, Africa, Middle East, Far East and Australia. Human Impact is able to implement HR solutions with no limitations as far as industries or territories but most of our activities are in the following industries: Technology, IT, SW, Communication, Infrastructure, Construction, Defense, Security, Energy and more.

Human Impact provides Global Recruitment Services so that the next employee you hire will be the one best suited to realize your company’s goals. We are recruiting all over the world to provide personnel solutions wherever your work has to get done. We can bring a well-matched pool of applicants to the most remote corners of the globe. No matter how far from your corporate headquarters, we will find the best professionals to suit your job description and required qualifications.

Local Recruitment

We aim to be a company that excels both on the global, and on the local level. We take strength from our global reach, our strong local presence and our diverse workforce. Whether recruiting locally or offshore, Human Impact Recruitment can help identify and secure the commitment of experts.

Since our inception our experienced team of recruiters has been at the core of our success. Our mission is to bring applicants and recruiters together in the simplest and most efficient manner possible. We are not a traditional recruitment agency, we simply allow our clients to outsource their advertising, filtering of candidates and follow a recruitment process that was set with our client. We provide a professional recruitment solution to all industry segments. As a client of ours you will benefit from a personal and easy to use, yet comprehensive and professional recruitment service.

Candidates Interview & Assessment

A candidate may have outstanding experience and qualifications, but if he or she is not compatible with the employing company’s culture, the relationship will fail. Many leading search companies recognize this – but few take it to its logical conclusion. Cornerstone International Group’s talent profile assessment specialists create a profile of the specific job and of the hiring company, based on input from the hiring manager. Cornerstone’s Assessment Services (CAS) was developed by Human Capital International of Mexico, a global firm which has been serving clients worldwide for 13 years. The firm’s revolutionary methodology is available through trained, independent professionals of both HCI and Cornerstone located in Latin America, Europe, Asia and in the United State, for more info – See more at: