Cornerstone International Group is a worldwide network of independently-owned, like-minded member firms located in the major business centers of the world. Members of The Cornerstone International Group Network have elected representative officers and directors to lead the member organization. Best of Both Worlds – a consortium and network, of boutique search firms, we believe that this approach offers the greatest potential return: local knowledge of the market where you need the talent, access to local and global talent databases, skilled specialists in every discipline, consultancy that will deliver the latest knowledge and tools.

Cornerstone is the world’s leading HR & Management consulting network with 70 offices in 40 countries. The company has a headquarters in Shanghai and another one in Atlanta. Cornerstone is unreservedly ranked as one of the World’s Top 4 Retained Search firms, supported by its strong presence in all 5 continents, and well rooted in both advanced and emerging economies. The Group offers Board and CEO-Advisory, Executive Search and Executive coaching services to multinational and local champions. Cornerstone offers remarkable ONE TOUCH service to its customers globally through the Headquarters of Atlanta and Shanghai for the 70 offices world-wide.