Global Recruitment

Human Impact helps companies to recruit employees locally or in other countries (relocating from another country). We provide one single point of contact when recruiting for more than one location, thus simplifying the process and reducing the company’s efforts and resources invested in recruitment.

Human Impact is active all over the globe and has already recruited hundreds of professional services engineers, managers, technicians and other employees in Eastern & Western Europe, North & South America, Africa, Middle East, Far East and Australia. Human Impact is able to implement HR solutions with no limitations as far as industries or territories but most of our activities are in the following industries: Technology, IT, SW, Communication, Infrastructure, Construction, Defense, Security, Energy and more.

Human Impact provides Global Recruitment Services so that the next employee you hire will be the one best suited to realize your company’s goals. We are recruiting all over the world to provide personnel solutions wherever your work has to get done. We can bring a well-matched pool of applicants to the most remote corners of the globe. No matter how far from your corporate headquarters, we will find the best professionals to suit your job description and required qualifications.