Consulting Services

Human Impact consulting services will help you to leverage your resources, implement your strategies, and reassess internal company processes, as deemed necessary. Our mission is to pave the way for you to accomplish your business goals.

High End HR Services

The ability to deliver high-end Human Resources consulting services to companies large and small requires a vast understanding and experience of the industries segments and technologies involved. Consequently, our Consulting Services will enable you to upgrade your company’s performance.

Global EOR Services

Human Impact HR Consulting Services specialized in the following areas: Recruitment, Organizational Changes, Management Coaching, Employees / Management Retention, Human Resources Management and more.

M&A and PMI Process

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) are processes that involve all parts in the organization and an aspect of corporate high level strategy. Success of any M&A depends as much on prior planning and effectiveness of implementation of these processes. Human resources management plays an important role as all other management aspects (finance, sales, production etc.). Human Impact vast experience in M&A processes helps us to provide all related consulting services such as planning process prior M&A and facilitating the Post Merger Integration (PMI).

Project Management

An additional field of Human Impact’s expertise is project management, we provide consulting in the following areas: Project Management: Project Planning, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Project Monitoring, Project Budgeting, Cost Control, Quality Control, Risks Assessment; Proposals and Bid Management: Tender Documentation, Statement Of Work (SOW), Bill Of Materials (BOM); Subcontracting Planning and Selection: Subcontracting Tenders, Service Level Agreement (SLA), Contracts and Documentation, Subcontracting Monitoring & Management; Project Integration Management: Technological Integration, Services Integration, Borders of Responsibilities (BOR).

Improving your Local Agents & Distributors Network OEM companies are using a network of local agent / distributors as the company’s front end sales force, supporting the company’s sales managers. Maintaining a better local representation can improve sales results and reduce the direct costs of sales.
Human Impact provides consulting services that reduces the direct costs of sales. In addition, organizing all activities of agents & distributors to set higher sales targets that may bring to a higher sales level. The services supporting this process are: Local Representative Selection, Commission & Contract Negotiations, Sales Target Plans, Periodical Reviews, etc.