Employment Services

Employment and Hosting Services – Israel

Having a subsidiary in a different location may affect the way company’s headquarter operate, but there is no need to establish a local entity in every activity place or to stop services that are not located at a place with local entity. Our company provides Complete Employment and Hosting Services that enable company’s management to handle all activities that are required for company’s operation in the remote site

Payroll Services

We provide Payroll Services, with CPA’s services that includes: employer / employee reports to the local governmental authorities, process the relevant employer / employee forms, monthly paychecks to employee and company, payment of net salary sum to each employee’s bank account, calculations and payment of all peripheral payments to the local governmental authorities, calculation and payment of all social and personal salary benefits. Employer / Employee insurance plan are additional services that are part of the Payroll Services and we can provide implement and maintain it according to the company’s requests.

Salary Administration Services

All administration that is related to the salaries is an additional service that we can provide along with Payroll Services, including Attendance reports, sick days, vacation days, holydays, etc. Also, overtime policy can be managed using our salary administration services, Salary Tax issues of employees can be resolved locally without the need for expensive tax consultants, and termination evaluation per employee can show the additional payments need to be paid at termination.

Salary Consulting

Our vast knowledge of the local market enables us to provide salary consulting services. Employment costs are usually a major part of the organization’s budget, on the other hand a unified well suited salary and benefits plan can help to increase company productivity by retaining happy and dedicated employees for long term.

Operation Management Services

A local presence of operational manager to handle all on site operational tasks can free the local subsidiary employees to work continuously. This solution may suit a remote service center or remote R&D center too. Maintaining a working environment for the employees in a remote site usually requires office space rental and all the surrounding services. A local agency can solve a lot of logistics and operational problems starting from searching for the suited office spaces, selecting it according to needs and costs, tailoring a complete services package that comes with the office, contracting with landlord utility companies, insurance etc.

Employment Services – Worldwide

Every company that reached the size of “going global” confronts the challenge of employment in a foreign country. This challenge includes not only a logistics aspects, employment in a foreign country with no local entity and without the knowledge of local labor laws may change a strategic plan of a company with no real reason. Human Impact eliminates employment problems of a company that needs remote employment.

Using our global partners in 70 location worldwide (www.cornerstone-group.com) we provide Employment Services to companies that would like to employ out of their current presences worldwide. Our Employment Services include:

Single Point of Contact

A company that needs employment services in several countries without local entities may benefit from a unique employment service that will enable aggregation of all employment services activities to a Single Point of Contact. There is no need to know the labor laws in each country and have a salary system for each location, we will manage all foreign employment activities in one Single Point of Contact.

Payroll and Administration Services

Labor laws are complex everywhere, especially if it is in a different country and a different language. We are working with local registered CPA companies that provide Payroll Services that includes all the needed elements required for salary operation. In addition we provide all administration that is related to the salaries including: reports, overtime policy, tax calculations, payments to the local authorities, termination process, insurance, registering with the authorities, etc.