M&A and PMI Process

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) are processes that involve all parts in the organization and an aspect of corporate high level strategy. Success of any M&A depends as much on prior planning and effectiveness of implementation of these processes. Human resources management plays an important role as all other management aspects (finance, sales, production etc.). Human Impact’s vast experience in M&A processes helps us provide all related consulting services such as planning process prior M&A and facilitating the Post Merger Integration (PMI).

Human Impact has provided consulting services in more than a dozen merger and acquisition processes, we have vast experience with supporting the organization through all the phases and events during the process. We work with all levels of the company to reassure a smooth transition of the two organizations to form synergy in a better single company. Our experience helps us to plan ahead and work out problems before they appear and by simplifying all M&A processes we pave the way for success.