Human Impact aims to be a company that excels both on the global, and on the local level. We take strength from our global reach, our strong local presence and our diverse workforce. Whether recruiting locally or offshore, Human Impact Recruitment can help identify and secure the commitment of experts.
Since our inception our experienced team of recruiters has been at the core of our success. Our mission is to bring applicants and recruiters together in the simplest and most efficient manner possible.

In order to find the best candidates for each vacancy we believe that the first step should be to understand the company, it’s organization, spirit, management, DNA, technology, products etc. therefore the first stage of recruitment will be learning the company, and only then will we begin recruiting.

Human Impact uses passive and active recruiting, advertisement and silent process, according to needs and customer’s requests. We provide a professional recruitment solution to all industry segments. As a client of ours you will benefit from a personal and easy to use, yet comprehensive and professional recruitment service.